The proportion of patients who would recommend their GP surgery

Why this fact is important:

The proportion of people who answered the GP patient survey who would recommend their surgery

Things to note:

The proportion of people who responded ‘Yes, would definitely recommend’ or ‘Yes, would probably recommend’ to the question ‘Would you recommend your GP surgery to someone who had just moved to the area?’ in the GP Patient Survey.

The scores for this question are grouped into three 'bandings':

  • 'among the worst' - these are scores in the worst 25% of all scores nationally;
  • 'in the middle range' - these are scores that are in the middle 50% of scores nationally; and
  • 'among the best' - these are scores that are in the best 25% of scores nationally.

The GP Patient Survey is sent out twice a year to around 1.36 million adults who are registered with a GP in England. The results of the survey for each GP practice are weighted to adjust the data to account for potential differences between the demographic profile of all eligible patients in a practice and the patients who actually complete a questionnaire. More information about the survey can be found at the GP Patient Survey website:

When using indicators to make comparisons between General Practices, it is important to consider the context in which GP's provide services. For example the characteristics of the patients treated by a practice – in terms of things like age or deprivation – can affect the value of an indicator, unless these factors are taken into account when the indicator is calculated. Similarly, a practice’s performance on an indicator can sometimes be influenced by other organisations that are caring for the same patients – local hospitals or community services, for example. The GP patient survey data is updated on NHS CHOICES annually.

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GP Patient Survey

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