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7 month delay in appointment - comment added Oct 17

Anonymous last visited this Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in July 2017

Anything else?

I was due to have an MRI and checkup in Sept 2017 following a craniotomy in Feb 2016. I have been sent an appointment for April 2018, 7 months past when it should happen. I am transferring in from private where scans are bad enough but now I cant even get a timely appointment. I have a rare genetic disease making me prone to cancer and currently have 2 types, and in three years I have had so much medically go wrong. 7 months delay in an appointment is appalling and I am sure not in NICE guidelines.

Trust Comment

I was very sorry to learn of your concerns and I appreciate this is an extremely difficult and worrying time for you. Please do contact our PALS team by telephone on 01273 664511 or by emailing so that we can discuss this matter with you. with best wishes Jane Carmody Head of Patient Experience, PALS and Complaints