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Pleasant experience, which helped our fears to disappear. - comment added Mar 17

Mr. Allan Gordon last visited this Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust in March 2017

Anything else?

My partner had oral and Maxillan surgery, initcially he was anxious about the operation because of the risk involved. The whole prosess was explained fully, he felt all concerned was talking to him, and had his best interest at heart. We are so greatful to all the staff, such a diverse cultral mix all working together, Beautiful. Must also mention staff who took time out to literally show or direct us, when felt lost in parts of the hospital, due to the ongoing building works. The time my partner spent on the Millennium Wing, Level 8 and Level 9a has been truly positive, could go as far as saying Life Changing. xxx

Trust Comment

Thank you very much for your kind comments expressing your gratitude to our hospital, it really is encouraging for our staff when they receive thanks from patients and relatives for the care they have provided, and it is always very much appreciated. Thank you again for taking the time to contact us. Best wishes Hannah Pacifico Patient Experience Team