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Impressive at every level - comment added May 18

Tim last visited this Sett Valley Medical Centre in December 2017

Anything else?

Two years ago I moved to New mills after living in London for 50 years . Over the years I have got used to appalling service from tired overworked staff(and sometimes they were just arrogant,incompetent and uncaring) interspersed by occasional good practice. I came here with three ongoing problems two of which required surgery, I was referred to appropriate specialists who carried out surgery promptly and effectively. At every stage I was listened to, the various options explained in detail, and when I didn't understand explained again with patience and understanding. In my experience when the top level(the GPs)have high expectations and standards then the other staff will follow their lead .All of the staff at the practice are pleasant ,professional and knowledgeable I have nothing but praise for this Practice and will recommend it to anyone

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