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Doctors Bedside Manor - comment added Oct 17

Lesley Morgan last visited this Sett Valley Medical Centre in September 2017

Anything else?

I visited a Doctor last Thursday, I am brand new to the area and this medical centre. I found the doctor I visited, rude, uncompassionate, patronising, I was not examined, not sure how you can tell if I am in pain or not. It seemed I was wasting their time No apology for my appointment being 15 minutes later{ I do not mind waiting as I totally understand doctors are busy, a sorry would have been good}. I felt old and so unfit when I came out of there, I am 61 years old, cycle, walk and swim at least four times a week and still work fulltime .I do not drink or smoke and my diet is excellent, I thought I did everything right but it seems not. I am still in constant pain, and cannot walk which is now effecting my sleep and way of life, my next ort of call is A &E hopefully they can sort me out

Trust Comment

Thank you for your feedback, apologies for your poor experience with us , we would really like to investigate this further via our complaints procedure which is available on our website. Our Practice Manager is awaiting your details. Thank you for your time .