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One of the better surgeries - comment added Oct 18

Beryl Davies last visited this Herschel Medical Centre in October 2018

Anything else?

I hear horror stories of some surgeries and consider myself lucky to belong to Herschel Medical Centre. My last appointment was not the best as I had a longer wait than normal, but generally speaking I have been satisfied with the service received. I've always found the reception staff friendly, helpful and, usually, very efficient. I am in my late eighties and have nearly always managed to get an appointment with my allocated doctor, although it has sometimes meant ringing back as no immediate appointment available. I have had mixed results when seeing another doctor- if my own doctor is away or otherwise unavailable - and, in the past, have been misdiagnosed on two occasions, but have more often been satisfied and have had several helpful home visits from other doctors. I would recommend Herschel Medical Centre to anyone, but am surprised that it is still able to take new patients with the high number already attending. I have been told that a problem is the number of people who do not turn up for appointments without giving prior (or any) notice. I imagine that this is not a problem particular to Herschel and wonder if a fine could be a solution. However, I do realise that the admin work and cost of this could make it prohibitive!

Trust Comment

Dear Patient, Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback. I was pleased to read that you continue to have a positive experience at Herschel Medical Centre, and indeed that you would recommend the practice to other patients. Your comments are very much appreciated, and I know the reception team will be happy to note what you have said regarding their level of service. Best wishes, Herschel Medical Centre