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Denied my choice of treatment - comment added May 18

Claire W last visited this Herschel Medical Centre in May 2018

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I suffer with endometriosis and recently my symptoms have become so painful I am struggling to get out of bed in the morning. I went for an ultrasound which was booked quickly and due to findings I need to see a gynaecologist. I went back to the GP and requested to go to a specialist endometriosis centre within Guys and St Thomas since the both NHS England and NICE guidelines state this is my right. I have now been denied twice my legal right to choose where I have treatment. Apparently GP’s here are not allowed to refer out of the area! A complaint has been made with NHS England and CCG notified. I hardly ever go to the GP and the one time I need to I’m let down. If you work as well don’t bother trying to book an appointment in advance as you will hardly ever get one.

Trust Comment

Dear Patient, I am sorry for the frustration. You have highlighted an issue that has been around for a while - patients right to choose where they are soon but constrained by the NHS market which gives CCGs the right to set contracts which as a NHS practice we are bound by. In general as you are I am sure aware one can be seen out of the local area if the local area is unable to provide the necessary treatment required. London has its own 'tariff' - basically it costs more for the local NHS economy for patients to be seen in London. If you 'need' to be seen in London because the local area cannot provide the service this should happen; if a patient 'wants' to be seen in London (but we cannot evidence the 'need') we are unable to refer there. If you think we have got it wrong please do contact the surgery in your case please contact the surgery ( Yours, HMC