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No pre-booked appointment - comment added Mar 18

rizwan last visited this Herschel Medical Centre in February 2018

Anything else?

Hi, this surgery has changed its working practices since i have registered with this. You can't get pre booked appointment and if you call you are advised to call after 8 in morning, which is not possible for me always as i work in night and can't get up early to book appointment. And if i have called their number is always busy until 10am. and then they say we don't have any slot available for the day. You are lucky enough to get same day appointment. They must have pre booked appointments.

Trust Comment

I am sorry for the problems that you are having. The reason for having on the day appointments as we have very few patients who then do not turn up for their appointment, and also this does in fact insure there are enough appointments: Patients are not waiting for weeks for problems which may turn out to be urgent. You do however high light the draw backs to this system for yourself. HMC