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Exceptional care and service - comment added May 17

Nancy Reynolds last visited this Ferrybridge Medical Centre in May 2017

Anything else?

Recently moved to this practice after unsatisfactory care elsewhere. What a relief. Key points are:: The triage system means getting an appointment same day if you need one, rather than fastest finger first phone call lottery.Very fair, efficient and reassuring. Every member of staff ive had contact with from receptionists, to practice nurse to doctors have been kind, caring and very professional. Just a lovely team. The doctors have given me time, explaining symptoms and treatment. Clean, up to date, pleasant environnent. Well done Ferrybridge Medical Centre, youre getting it right.

Trust Comment

It is reassuring to hear from you that you find the way that we offer and manage our systems works efficiently for you. We have designed it with the objective of patients being able to have prompt contact with a clinician so that the patient and clinician can then decide together what is the best course of action. It’s also heartening that you’ve found the staff you have met at Ferrybridge Medical Centre to be kind, caring and professional. We strive to keep improving our service and to treat people as we would want to be treated ourselves. Thank you for making the effort to pass on your kind comments to us.