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Do not register here - comment added May 17

Anonymous last visited this Becontree Medical Centre in May 2017

Anything else?

absolutly useless doctors surgery can't get appointments when you need one they tell you to ring up at 8 am to get one for that day and then don't pick the phone up. they don't care if it's an emergency they give you appointments for 2 weeks time even though you need to be seen now. they don't do referrals properly send you to the wrong specialists which mean you have to go back to the waiting lists. the main doctor in the surgery does not listen to your concerns about your health or your children just ignores you and so then you have to book another appointment and hope that you don't get her again. I wouldn't take any member of your family here if you want them to get descent medical care !!!

Trust Comment

I am sorry to hear of your experience and apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately this morning we experienced a problem with the telephone lines which were out of action for nearly one hour. The system is up and running at the moment but we do still have a fault on the line that BT are working towards resolving. The practice policy for booking appointments in advance at the present time is-: 1 week for doctors appointments 2 weeks for nurse appointment 50% of the weekly appointments are on-line access, by signing up to this scheme patients are able to electronically book appointments and request repeat medication. If you are interested please register on the PATIENT ACCESS website or come into the practice and one the receptionists will be happy to help you. I cannot comment on the referral issue as I would need more information. If you would like to bring this into the practice and speak to the Secretary of Practice Manager they will gladly look into this for you.