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Avoid - comment added Jan 17

Anonymous last visited this Becontree Medical Centre in January 2017

Anything else?

Lets just say if you are concerned about your health do not sharethe gp I saw was judgemental did not take my concerns into considerationits like shouting from the roof top to a deaf person.sanity is not important here as patients are judged fobbed off. Better to self medicate than go to them for help. They are time wasters. Had to go do my tests in a private centre but next time I have a health issue I don't think I would want to go there. Btw nhs is not free,we the tax payers contribute to it. I really don't know why we are treated like charity cases or worse. Bottom line avoid avoid avoid.

Trust Comment

I am sorry to hear of your bad experience . We endeavour to provide a safe , effective ,caring , well lead service that is responsive to peoples needs. I would like to invite you to contact the practice to discuss your concerns. Please contact 020 3747 3020 and speak to the practice manager. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused to you.