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Like to thank to Ambulance Drivers who looked after me - comment added Sep 17

Eric Coleman last visited this East Of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust in September 2017

Anything else?

After an RTA in Ely at 2pm on Monday 18th of September at the Junction with Chapel Street and Lynn Road, They showed Great Care and Concern as I was in shock and Great Pain, Got me into Addenbrooke's, Please give them my Heartfelt thanks they are Fantastic, I am home now but need a Pacemaker, Again Many Thanks for a Wonderful fast Service

Trust Comment

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback about the East of England Ambulance Service. I will pass your kind comments onto the staff involved and their managers. Thank you again for your kind words of appreciation. I hope you are making a good recovery. Kind regards Marian Burgess