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Discusting service - comment added Aug 17

Anonymous last visited this East Of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust in August 2017

Anything else?

I am absolutely disgusted with the service which I got from paramedics lastnight due to being thrown down a flight of stairs. The paramedics gave me the impression that they didn't really want to be helping me it was more of a chore! Although luckily I did have any injuries my ribs were just hurting from the fall and I was crying, the paramedics response to me crying was ' I don't know why your crying you don't have injuries ' which I found so rude! And while I was crying in pain they were sitting down having a right old laugh about how girls can't deal with pain and it made me feel really uncomfortable, all I wanted to do was get away from them! And it shouldn't be like that at all? They got really miserable when the police told them to take me home which was only a 2 min drive down the road, they didn't even drive me to my house they dropped me on the corner of the street on the road before mine and said ' your lucky we even took you this far, come on get going ' then they threw my shoes to me and drove off. I can't believe how badly I've been treated. This is not the way it should be, I'm scared to even call an ambulance now because the question in my head is ... ' well do they even want to help me ? '

Trust Comment

I am sorry that you have had cause to raise concerns about East of England Ambulance Service. I would like to investigate the concerns you have raised and would be grateful if could email with the date and the location we attended so that we can track the staff involved and begin an investigation if you would like us to do so. Could you please quote MB28, I will then be able to link this feedback to your email. I hope you are on the road to recovery. Kind regards Marian Burgess