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Animals get treated better - comment added Jan 18

Emma last visited this 2gether NHS Foundation Trust in January 2018

Anything else?

I have only recently had experience with the crisis team and all I can say is since then I have never felt so low or hopeless. In the last 48hrs I have over dosed twice and was removed from the top of a multi storey car park by the police. That night I saw two people from the Cheltenham team who promised the world and agreed I had been let down previously, I begged them not to let me go home telling them I was not safe alone. They then allowed me to leave hospital in the middle of the night without a thought of checking where I had gone, it was then I took a second overdose. The following day I saw the usual Gloucester crisis team who informed me they don't think I have a serious mental health issue and the offer of support was home visits, or things I am perfectly capable of doing myself like talking to my GP about medication. I have tried these visits previously and found them completely pointless, there was no mention of the support promised the previous evening. I'm not sure what needs to happen next to be taken seriously, I'm sure when it's too late their first words will be we never saw it coming despite the fact I couldn't shout louder. Completely at the end of the road now, feel useless, hopeless and no way of getting better from this 'non-existant' illness!!!

Trust Comment

We are so sorry to hear about your recent experiences with our Trust’s Crisis Teams which have left you feeling unsupported. We would like the opportunity to discuss this further with you and would be very grateful if you could contact the Service Experience Department via or by calling us on 01452 894 072.