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What is the point? - comment added Aug 17

Anonymous last visited this 2gether NHS Foundation Trust in August 2017

Anything else?

I have come back to this service after a year of not using it, despite having terrible problems with it before and it's frustrating to see that nothing has changed. I have been spoken to as if I am causing them issues by having to change an appointment and guiltily talked into feeling poor and at fault about my illnesses. I still have appointments planned in the future but I have never received any worse help than from talk2gether. If anything I would say this has made me feel worse rather than better.

Trust Comment

Please accept our apologies for your recent experiences with our Let’s Talk service. We are sorry that your contact with Let’s Talk has been frustrating, and that there was an issue about changing an appointment. We would like to discuss this further with you and we would be very grateful if you could contact the Service Experience Department via or by calling us on 01452 894 072.