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Awful treatment - comment added Aug 18

Anonymous last visited this Ashwell Dental Surgery in August 2018

Anything else?

When we moved to Ashwell we first asked around to find out what Ashwell Dental surgery was like. The majority of Ashwell residents warned us to keep away as they were awful. We like to make our own minds up and decided to try them as NHS patients. I wish we’d listened and stayed away.. The Dentist we were assigned to immediately said we needed to see a hygienist even though they aren’t on the NHS and you have to pay privately...this was something that other Ashwell residents said would happen. We both only needed a light descale which is included in the NHS Band 1 course of treatment. I suppose this is how they make their money. To say this Dentist is rough is an understatement. I’ve never had pain during a descale ever! I was told on making the appointment that she was very good with nervous patients. What a complete joke. I felt no care from her was taken. It felt rushed and her attitude was offhand. She was extremely heavy handed. She asked questions but appeared not to listen or give a damn. I voiced my upset at her treatment and told the receptionist not to bother sending us reminders of when our next check up will be as we wouldn’t be returning. £43.20 spent to come away feeling in pain, when I went in there with none. No polish was offered or carried out either...something that my previous Dentist always did after a careful descale. I feel incredibly upset and let down by Ashwell Dental surgery. We chose to ignore the majority of residents we spoke to who said they were awful but have paid the price, not just in money but in pain and discomfort. Keep well away if you are either a nervous patient or someone that has nerves of steel.