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A perfect practice with a caring and professional approach - comment added Nov 16

Welcome Ranger last visited this Ashwell Dental Surgery in November 2016

Anything else?

My overwhelming impression of Ashwell Dental Surgery is the professional approach demonstrated in all respects. Although located in an old building, the interior of the surgery is clean, light, modern and uncluttered. The first person one meets is one of the receptionists, all of whom are always attentive, polite and discrete. From there to the waiting room, in which carefull attention has been given to making an inviting and comfortable atmosphere (well heated in winter, cooled in summer). Gentle music plays on the tv while one waits for appointments, with a friendly sign advising what one should do if waiting longer than 15 minutes for their scheduled appointment. All surgical staff and assistants are imaculately dressed, and they all present an air of confidence and sound ability. Advice on improving one's approach to maintaining healthy teeth is always available and emphasis is always on preventative action by the patient rather than attracting unwelcome cures and treatment. After all the dental practices that I have encoutered over the years, Ashwell Surgery is by far the best and most effective at helping me look after my teeth. This, in itself, removes the fear and cost of treatment, whether that be necessary or unnecessary (and I'm sure I've received unnecessary treatment in the past from other dentists!). I have no hesitation in congratulating the management and staff here for an excellent service to its customers and I would have no hesitation in recommending the practice to potential clients. Like all good things, I just hope that the standards do not change!