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A Difficult Case, Solved - comment added Feb 17

Ceri last visited this Exeter Orthodontic Practice in February 2017

Anything else?

Since I started this treatment under the loving support of the NHS (In January 2014) I have been impressed with the care and delicacy put into my treatment. It's been just over three years with extractions, embedded teeth, inward grown teeth and wisdom teeth growing through. The general success that has been achieved from this long process has been well worth the wait. My dentist was caring and the honesty they had given me was well appreciated. They have tolerated a lot with me and my case as well as the continual comedy my mum brought with her when she accompanied me. It was lovely that what I wanted was their sole target and I was happy their professional advice has brought me to where I am, along with family quirks and fun comments from friends. The appointments worked well with school, college and work and I have thoroughly loved every minute spent to get the work done. The staff member at reception was very helpful when helping me decide on my retainer kit and gave helpful and human advice with regards to cleaning and keeping it comfortable. Loved it and always will. Thanks to all of you guys at Exeter Orthodontic Practice, much love!

Trust Comment

Thank you for your kind comments. We don't often get patients saying they have loved coming to see us, but we are truly delighted to know that you felt this way. We look forward to seeing you again, although a little less frequently now. Best wishes