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MH advocacy - comment added Oct 17

User19559 last visited this West London NHS Trust in July 2017

Anything else?

We were referred to Eileen Kiran (Ealing IAPT) for further services to support our needs. Eileen worked with us as couple advocacy regarding our on going social care needs. She was able to understand the array of medical problems and the impact on our physical/mental strains. In support of our requirements, Eileen addressed these issues in writing to our GP regarding our physical and mental wellbeing, pain clinic, hospital appointments and accessibility issues. She also has requested a referral to urgent occupational therapist home visit regarding to use of facilities indoors. The support from Eileen has been most instrumental and the response has been quick as many of the items have been actioned. Eileen has also supplied a further list of services we may require in future.

Trust Comment

Dear "Woh" How nice to hear from you again, this time regarding our Advocacy Service. The Advocacy "team" _is_ Eileen and a small but crucial part of Ealing IAPT. We are delighted that you have posted your appreciation of Eileen's work. She is an expert at what she does and we are delighted that she was able to assist you with a number of important issues. She has a wealth of experience in helping people to navigate their way through the many and at times complex routes into services across the physical, social and mental health services. Eileen has years of experience in helping people with these types of issues and is a mine of practical information and resources which she puts to good use. Advocacy is another form of support which Ealing IAPT is proud to offer to those who use our other services such as individual and group therapies and we appreciate your feedback which will highlight this to other readers of Care Opinion. She will be delighted with your feedback which I will share with all of the team. On behalf of Ealing IAPT, many thanks and best wishes Dr Louise De Haro, Clinical Psychologist Deputy Clinical Lead Ealing IAPT