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Counselling Journey - comment added Jul 17

User19559 last visited this West London NHS Trust in July 2017

Anything else?

I used Ealing IAPT counselling service in London as part of West London Mental Health Trust. My counselling journey started about a year ago when I self-referred to Ealing IAPT in order to address certain difficulties that I was facing. I was offered counselling with counsellor Piero and I completed my counselling about two months ago. I can say with confidence that the service I received was excellent and it helped me during a rough time. I built a strong relationship of trust with my counsellor and we explored several areas of need. I am grateful for the support that I was offered and I appreciate all the help I got. I enjoyed the fact that I met with Piero on a weekly basis and this was the time for me to unwind and to reflect on certain behaviours and issues. It helped that Piero was a very understanding counsellor who gave me space and time to share my concerns. I cannot thank you enough for being by my side during this crucial time!