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Unhappy with the staff and the way I was treated - comment added Dec 16

Anonymous last visited this Ghauri Dental Surgery in December 2016

Anything else?

I visited your branch in Heston on Tuesday. Firstly they run late for their appointments. Secondly they had an audacity to go out of the room and laugh and involve everyone one there including the receptionist because of my bad breathe and I could clearly see them laughing including the dentist. Is this how you are treated. I have never been so offended in my life. I think you should be more considerate to your patients. It's a pity but I will be leaving this practice and moving to different place as I did not like the behaviour.

Trust Comment

I'm so sorry that the service we provided on this occasion did not meet your expectations . We always try to provide care of a consistently high standard. We had a meeting regarding your concerns but could not work out who you are and therefore could not investigate your concerns.Our staff have been with us for years and are very caring when it comes to the dignity and respect of our patients.We thank you for your comments thereby bringing the matter to our attention and it would be great if you could contact the practice manager to share your concerns . In this way we can try to improve the care we provide for our patients and also it allows us to help you further . Dr Saf Ghauri