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Quick appointment, late treatment!!!!!! - comment added Apr 18

Anonymous last visited this Maxident Clinic in April 2018

Anything else?

I had an appointment last year when I was pregnant and they told me that they were very full for treatment and they told me than can give appointment after 2 months and I gave up! I hade an appointment this year today again, happen the same thing.For the treatment I have to wait more than month! Do you beleave I have an infection and I have pain! I was complainin and they give same day afternoon appointment for treatment. I did come back but I was late 20 minutes, I didin’t notice because I left my 5 month old baby with someone .Than they send me to home! I travel with minicab, I paid to much many for the travel and they take my all day! I explain because of my baby I was late. Stil on the end nothing! I been sad and crying too much! İf you are very busy why you give an appointment and they have to wait long time for treatment ?Also if your same doctors are not very busy, why you don’t tell me last year! So if you go there you will not be out in a few months!!! I am not happy!!!