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Excellent dental care - comment added May 18

Deborah saint last visited this Stephen House Dental Practice in May 2018

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aftet a recent operation in hospital and waking up with a tooth having been broken in the front I had a recovery and major dental work to be had My mum was already a patience here and recommended an appointment because of her excellent dental care over many years Everyone here treated me with such care and made me feel very calm after feeling very anxious about my treatment. I was given lots of options and costs of each treatment and left to decide which one I felt was right and affordable for my budget I had no need to be nervous my treatment was pain free and I was talked through each appointment and the work to be done I am now finished after three appointments and within my six weeks recovery and so pleased with the results that have now made my teeth look completely natural and like they were my own I would like to say a big thank to the team and will now be staying as a permanent patience without having to worry about future dental treatment