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Stephen House Dental Surgery - comment added Apr 17

Anonymous last visited this Stephen House Dental Practice in April 2017

Anything else?

We have been patients at Stephen House Dental Surgery for almost 10 years. I have always been really pleased with the care we have been given. I have never felt that extra treatments were suggested or given to boost their income - suggestions might be made, but my rights and choices as the patient have always been respected. I have always felt that it was ok for me to ask for time to consider the options before going ahead with any treatment, even if this meant having to book another appointment to come back. My children have always been happy to go there, they are not frightened and feel completely involved in their dental care. Even when I have chosen to not accept the treatments offered for my children, I have been treated with dignity and respect, and I have never felt bullied or belittled for my choices. The staff are always friendly and professional. They happily answer my questions, and will reframe things if I need further clarification. When I have needed to phone the dentist for advice, the staff have been quick to answer the phone and offer me support. They have also provided me with emergency appointments if needed. I would recommend this practice to everybody.