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- Comments submitted by patient on January 2018
Anonymous last visited at University Hospital Of Hartlepool in January 2018

Anything else?

First time visiting the urgent care unit. I waited 2 hours, which did not bother me as I was expecting by the end of it I could have some answers. I’m 24 weeks pregnant and was advised to go by 111, I went in the first room where they took a water sample off me and called me in after being tested. They told me I would need to wait to see the GP on today in order to receive antibiotics off him due to have a water infection. I then carried on waiting to be eventually called into a doctor on his phone texting. So he began asking what the problem was so I told him about being told I had a water infection for him to say I don’t while he was texting on his mobile phone. He then phone Sunderland hospital and told me I’d be best going there. He questioned every answer I gave him, saying ‘is it really though, I don’t think it can be that bad’. I then left and went to Sunderland where I told the midwife what had happened she took a water sample to be sure, turns out I have not only a water infection but also a kidney also. The doctor as Hartlepool told me there was nothing wrong with me! I have been put on a course of antibiotics had to get my unborn baby checked& if it gets worse must go back. I am extremely angry with the experience I have had today at hartlepool urgent care unit and will never go back! The GP was ignorant& was not interested at all in listening or helping me, I do believe he would not have acted like this to someon or a older age due to me only being 10. Ridiculous behaviour from a health professional!

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