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Pleasant experience
- Comments submitted by patient on November 2017
Ronald Laughton last visited at University Hospital Of Hartlepool in November 2017

Anything else?

Visited Urgent Care Centre at Hartlepool hospital yesterday and can not praise the staff enough. I tripped and hurt my knee a couple of days before my visit and although I did not have an appointment I was seen to very quickly. The nurse that dealt with me was very friendly and helpful and put me at ease straightaway. They suggested an x ray to check my knee and within one minute that was done and they strapped my knee and told me what to do to ease the pain. They booked me an appointment for me to attend the fracture clinic the next day and asked my wife to bring the car to the door, they then took me by wheelchair to the car and helped me safely into the car. The next day I kept my appointment at the fracture clinic and was seen to by a doctor within minutes of my appointment time. The doctor completed their diagnosis and it was not as bad as I first thought and again I was made to feel relaxed and at ease. The whole experience was pleasant and I can not praise the staff enough.

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