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Urgent care at this hosptial is a shambles!
- Comments submitted by patient on November 2017
Anonymous last visited at University Hospital Of Hartlepool in November 2017

Anything else?

Went to this hospital's urgent care dept with various symptoms including shortness of breath, racing heart and a pressure like headache. Had to see screening nurse first but they tried to send me away without seeing a doctor- I had to insist on seeing a doctor! they took my temperature and blood pressure. When I saw doctor they asked lots of silly questions about drinking and smoking (I don't), failed to listen to my heart or lungs or carry out any other examination of my vital signs and sent me on my way telling me to see what my GP is going to do (not that they thought anything was wrong). I was made to feel like a nuisance yet no proper examination was done to find any cause of some of my symptoms ie the shortness of breath! Complete waste of time and dangerous too I could have had a heart or lung condition!

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