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Lost my x-rays - comment added Feb 17

Anonymous last visited this Stanstead Dental Centre in September 2016

Anything else?

I went for my appointment in September 2016, as my wisdom teeth were causing me a lot of pain. They took all the X-rays and said I should wait to hear from them for my hospital appointment to remove the teeth. I called back three weeks later as I wanted an update , the receptionist said my case had been sent off to the hospital and I should wait to hear back. I waited a few more weeks and still heard nothing , so I called and the receptionist said the same. I received a missed call second week of January with no voicemail from the dentist. I forgot to return the call. Then the first week of February I received another missed call , with no voicemail. I returned the call later on . The receptionist was only interested in me returning to have a couple of fillings. I enquired about the wisdom teeth and they said I would need to return to have the X rays redone. It turns out they have lost the X rays. Appalling service. Total waste of times. And I've been completely lied to on two occasions by the receptionist.

Trust Comment

Dear Patient, Thank you for your review. We always encourage feedback and are saddened to hear of your experience. We advise that hospital referrals can take a few weeks or more for non urgent cases and unfortunately we are not kept up to date on the progress by the hospital. The hospital occasionally ask for more X-rays to help them assess the patients case better. Our X-rays are all digital and backed up on our database so let me reassure you we wouldn't have lost them. Your dental health is very important to us and we would generally remind patients of other pending treatment so it doesn't worsen while they are waiting to be seen in hospital for another issue. I apologise for the bad experience you had with the receptionist and we will investigate the matter and make sure it doesn't happen in future. Please contact us if you require any further information. We would be happy to help. Kind regards, The Team @ Stanstead Dental.