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Disgraceful - comment added Aug 17

Alan M last visited this Ghauri Dental Practice in August 2017

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Arrived 5 minutes late for an appointment at 00:30 after travelling for an hour to get there and sent away! I had informed them that I would be late even before I set off on the journey and to be turned away at the door in the early hours is disgraceful. Stood there in absolute agony and refused to even discuss the matter with me or give any advice to help. People don't travel in the early hours for no reason so clearly it was an emergency. Don't understand how people can work in a job where they help patients in pain only to refuse treatment because you're a few minutes late. Disgusting !!!!

Trust Comment

I am so very sorry that you had such a bad experience at our practice. I have fully investigated the incident and done my best to ensure that it does not happen again. These late night emergency sessions are always very busy with patients often coming with complex problems including trauma cases. We only have have 15 minutes for every patient.We have informed the 111 Triage Service that they should inform the patients to come 10 minutes before their appointment. It takes 5 minutes for the paper work to be complete before a dentist can see a patient. So if a patient does come 5 minutes late , then that only allows 5 minutes for treatment . We had overcome these situations for patients that come late earlier in the session that starts at 10 PM . 111 Triage would book a slot later in the session. The late night session finishes at 1 AM so this was not possible in your case. I have taken the matter up with NHS England to see how we can resolve this situation and am awaiting their response. Thank you for your time in bringing the matter to my attention and once again we would like to apologise for your experience.