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Appointment times - comment added Oct 16

Unhappy patient last visited this Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in October 2016

Anything else?

I had an appointment in the eye clinic ar 8.30 am, at 8.15 a clinic cordordonator told me doctors were having a meeting in the area and to go and get a coffee, when I told them that my appointment was at 8.30 and if not I would be leaving they told me I was first on the list , but I then told that that doesn't matter if first was going to be 12 o'clock .when I asked how long this appointment would take they told me up to 2hrs. I got seen at 9.40 and including the consent form the appointment took 10 mins . The PAL/s department is hopeless never ring you back , only reply to you telephone calls. It's a shame as the treatment by the doctors and nursing staff is by far the best, it's just run by people that think you have all day to sit around and waiting for them. The persons that told me to go and get a coffee and come back at 9 could of telephone me the day before as they had telephone to arrange a recepists to work on the Lucent treat reception but didn't worry about any of the patient . If you complain to the PAL/s office all you get back is sorry but we do see 53000,00 patient per year and a letter sign ??? By the chief executive with the wrong date and the wrong information so I guess they do not read or sign all or the letters across their desk and as water runs down hill maybe if it was better at the top it may be better lower down.

Trust Comment

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention and please accept our sincere apologies for the delay in responding to your feedback. We are very sorry to hear of the delays you experienced in the eye clinic and with our Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) department. Please be reassured the PALS team endeavour to return all calls, voicemails and emails within a 48 hour period. Please accept our apologies if we have failed to do that. We would very much like to investigate your concerns further. Please contact us in the PALS office on tel: 01223 216756 or via email at: to discuss this further, should you wish to. PALS