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I highly recommend Colin Beeson optometrist - comment added Jul 17

Phillip Adcock last visited this Colin Beeson Optometrists in July 2017

Anything else?

Those of us blessed with a fully functioning sense of vision should recognise how amazingly lucky we are. With such the fantastic gift of sight, why would you ever considering not taking maximum care of this precious resource? In my opinion, this is where Colin Beeson Optometrists surpasses other eye specialists, and way more so than many of the High Street opticians. They provide expertise and devotes time. They also have a genuine interest in caring for my eyes. I would strongly recommend this Optometrists over and above anyone else I've encountered in this field. As an analogy, not going to a genuine expert like Colin Beeson Optometrists would be like seeking medical advice form a £ shop. Quick, cheap, but probably not very good.

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