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- Comments submitted by patient on August 2017
User19559 last visited at Hull Royal Infirmary in August 2017

Anything else?

I was referred to the Women and Children's Hospital for a hysteroscopy recently after experiencing post menopausal bleeding and wasn't too worried as I have given birth to 5 babies without pain relief and I consider myself quite able to withstand moderate pain. How wrong I was! ! This was by far the worst procedure I have had to endure. It was performed by a trainee doctor guided by the consultant, so I wonder if this was why it was so painful. It seemed to go on for a long time and afterwards I was shaken, faint and nauseous. I was given some pain relief and was able to drive home after about 1 hour. This procedure should not be done as an outpatient, it is barbaric and has left me feeling violated and fearful of future procedures. The nurses were wonderful and caring and did their best to help, but the consultant did not inform me that a trainee would perform the procedure or ask my permission.