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still waiting
- Comments submitted by patient on August 2017
Anonymous last visited at Hull Royal Infirmary in August 2017

Anything else?

after over a year ago and told to wait 8 months after treatment by my dentist .I have been referred back to this department at my own request as my dentist had left and now have a new dentist who was unaware of my previous refferal to the maxilofacial department.Anyhoo it is nearly 3 months and still nothing about any appointment.I have phoned twice and in the 2nd phone call was told to visit in person and maybe the person on reception might be able to help.Popped in 2 weeks ago and wasted my time even bothering going as the person's answers were the same as the people on the phone.No doubt if and when I ever get an appointment it will be even more months away .Why is it so obsfucated to get an appointment ?