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I had an operation on my elbow. I received a call from the therapy centre at...
- Comments submitted by patient on August 2017
User19559 last visited at Hull Royal Infirmary in August 2017

Anything else?

I had an operation on my elbow. I received a call from the therapy centre at HRI and told I needed to see them. They made the appointment. I arrive at HRI and wait in the waiting room. 9 am comes and goes. Nearly 35minutes later I get called into to see the therapist who after reviewing my notes confirms I'm here about my shoulder! I correct them saying "no, I had my elbow operated on, not my shoulder". This appeared to confuse them. Then they tell me that there's no point in me being here as my post op notes say to wait 11 days following my operation to begin therapy. I wasted fuel on a 20mile round trip, parking expenses at the HRI, sat for nearly 45 minutes....all to have the incorrect health notes presented and told to return the next week! To suggest I'm a little annoyed is an understatement. I my time, my wife's who had to take the time to drive me, the expenses incurred in such a trip and all for nothing!

Trust Comment

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We are very sorry to hear that your experience of the Physiotherapy service was not as good as we would have wanted it to be. We take all patient feedback seriously and endeavour to improve our systems based on the comments that we receive. Occasionally inaccuracies occur in the referrals that we receive due to the volume of patients that are seen in the orthopaedic clinics. We are working hard with the patient administration department and the Orthopaedic consultants to improve the referral process. In order to address the concerns you have raised, we would like to invite you to contact our Patient Advice & Liaison Service (PALS) who will be able to take further details and advise accordingly. The PALS service can be contacted on: o Telephone: (01482) 623065 o Email: o Online: Thank you once again for taking the time to provide us with your views on local NHS services. Kind regards, Patient Experience Department Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.