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my dads ordeal within the hospital on more than 1 occasion
- Comments submitted by patient on January 2017
Anonymous last visited at Hull Royal Infirmary in January 2017

Anything else?

My dad suffers from progressive supranuclear palsy, losted the use of his legs, hands and his speech is not too good. Over the last 6 months he has been addmitted to the hospital many times, and we never get any answers whats going on with him. He has gone in with chest pains and loose bowels to be told by the doctor they would give him codeine to bung him up, only to have him stay in for 2 weeks with c diff. Another occasion the nurse said he needed to drink more as his sugars was low, i commented that there was 3 beakers of drinks on his bedside table and no one had helped him drink them because he could not do it himself, the answer i got from the nurse was its because we are short staffed, how long does it take to make sure a patient has a drink during the day? Another occasion a lovely nurse in the assessment rang me to ask if they could do a section 2 on my dad , asked what that was they told me he would be kept in for 2/3 days for a full assessment and his social team would be informed. Next day i go to visit was told he was going home, carers had not even been put in place, i had to use the telephone on the nurses desk to organise his care. Within 2 days he was back in the same bed, and the same nurse asked why he had not been moved, told the nurse he was discharged. But i have saved the best till last, on Monday 2nd January an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital from his home address, at 1.00 on a freezing morning he was discharged from the hospital and taken home to the wrong address. I got a phone call at 1.15 am asking me what they wanted to do with him. The transport team took him back to the hospital and i was told i would get a phone call later on in the morning. Yes i got a phone call at 10.00 saying that they had taken him back to the same place, asked why they had sent him there yet again, was told its the only address we have. Never complained before now because most of the time he is looked after and they are patient with him and most of the nursing staff know him because he is in so many times. But to send a vulnerable elderly gentleman with ill heath out on a freezing morning to the wrong address is inexcusable, to do it twice there is no words.