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Waiting list and poor communications - comment added Aug 16

Anonymous last visited this Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust in March 2016

Anything else?

I have been waiting 20 weeks for a nerve block injection after my Consultant sent a letter stating:- "His pain persists, scoring up to 8/10 on a VAS. It goes all the way down his right leg to his foot and ankle. It is worse with prolonged standing. Ibuprofen and Solpadeine help a little. There are no left sided symptoms and nothing to suggest cauda equina syndrome. It is now having a significant impact on his day to day life and work". I have rung several times during this period, each time I am told I am on the list but the waiting list is very long. After waiting 20 weeks I have spent the past week ringing HRI and Castle-hill, eventually today I was told my case was still awaiting review, when this is done an appointment for the procedure will be made. When I saw the consultant they said I should expect to be waiting 8 weeks for the procedure.