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Amazing hospital! - comment added Apr 16

M12 last visited this Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust in February 2016

Anything else?

I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone who's has any type of conditions that involves the hearts and the lungs! In 2001, I had my very big heart transplant that has been done by a specialist before they retired from the NHS! Throughout my care that has been cared by this hospital has been one of the best, from all the doctors and the nurses and the secretaries too! Anytime, that I come to the hospital from being an outpatient or an impatient, I always receive excellent treatment plan and care as well. The time that the doctor gives to you for you to understand your condition fully is just amazing and brilliant!! Anytime that I may feel that I need to see my doctor before my next appointment with them, the secretaries are always helpful and they know how to help the patient by understanding what's their concerns and they try and getting them the next available appointment with the doctor! Well done again!

Trust Comment

Thank you for praising the teams at Harefield Hospital so highly. The staff working on our transplant clinic and wards fully understand the specialist nature of the care that patients need and take time to talk through the concerns that they may have. We aim to provide high-quality care from assessment right through to aftercare and follow-up clinics – a lifetime of specialist care. Our staff will be pleased to hear that you have found your treatment at Harefield among the best you’ve experienced. Thanks again for your comments and we wish you all the best for the future.