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Lack of Interest - comment added Sep 17

Elaine James last visited this Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in September 2017

Anything else?

My son visited our gp yesterday with kidney problems (he has a history, including failed kidney) GP referee him to Urology, along with other tests. Later in the day, they came to our home because it was worrying them, so they'd phoned Urology and they'd asked them to give my son a letter, which he should take to Cheltenham A & E, where Urology would see him, and scan him! Drove over an hour to get there, not our local hospital, to discover that nobody knew what we were on about, and they even suggested our gp had 'got it wrong'. This took them 4 hours to communicate though. So my son was sent away, another hour plus drive home, still in extreme pain, and told to take paracetamol! Where is the mystery urologist that our gp spoke to...

Trust Comment

Hi there Sorry to hear about your experience of our services. If you haven’t already done so it would be great if you could get in touch with our patient liaison (PALS) team who can take a few more details and look into the issues you’ve raised further? You can contact PALS on 0800 019 3282 (Freephone) or email Many thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Best wishes The team at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust