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Grahamfff said on 27 September 2010

I find it most regreattable that the way NHS has covered this subject is to give uncritical voice to the claims of homoeopathy without giving readers the information they need to evaluate those claims. To refer readers to the websites of the British Homeopathy Association is like settling the question of the shape of planet by a reference to the website of the Flat Earth Society. The BHA is not a reputable scientific body - in fact it is hardly a scientific body at all - and is most certainly not unbiased. It is interesting that proponents posting above overwhelmingly refer to person experience (as if the plural of 'anecdote' was 'data'). One poster has even twisted logic on its head by pretending that the lack of evidence for homoepathy's effectiveness is somehow a failre of Western technology - the very technology that has caused Western mortaility rates to plummet. Other proponents have alluded to their right to choose homoepathy; I would suggest that the taxpayer should exercise their right to choose not to fund this twaddle. And NHS Direct should be helpling people understand the scientific evidence relating to it.