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Non Sheeple said on 07 July 2010

How ignorant you all are calling homeopathy mumbo jumbo nonsense! Commenting on a subject none of you have actually experienced personally yourselves! Its like a vegan telling you that meat has no nutrition! I have been to homeopaths as my mother who suffered from severe sinusitis for years. Now your tax money could have paid for a very expensive nasal scraping, but instead she saw a homeopath. The homeopath treated her with natural remedies and herbs (just like you all eat for nutrition and well being) and after 6 months course she has never ever suffered from sinus again. I have had my hormones balanced without the use of man made chemical drugs that toxify the body. I find them to always heal the problem not mask the symptoms unlike modern medicine that has only been around for 200 years. Herbal remedies and treatments have been used for 1000's of years!!!! Perhaps you all need to take your modern medicine and read the back of the bottle and see what the long term affects are of those ingredients. Then you tell me anyone you know who has died of basil or lavender poisoning. In fact it contains so much good stuff herbs that you should be eating more of it and organic!!! Stop being media stereotypes and go research before you comment about an area you have no personal experience...make up your own mind dont follow the rest of the sheep out there!!! Check your shampoo labels the main ingredient is Sodium Laureth Sulphate, a foaming agent which is used in larger quantities at your local mechanic to degrease your car!!! I have suffered for years of scalp problems itchy and flaky until I switched to all natural. My hair glows now and I never touch engine degreaser again that actually adds to long term health damage...Go on research that instead of picking on an natural way of life that does not harm only repairs!!