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ShadowAngel said on 26 January 2010

I have read all the comments and no one has thought of going back to nature. I am 41 years old and have had bad eczema, until I read about and started using "Rooibos Tea" also known as "Red bush" tea. Firstly I bath in the Rooibos Tea, by putting two teabags in the bath, plus I also drink it as a black tea. My daughter who is 6 months and 26 days old, also suffered and I did the same with her. After three days the eczema was gone and I continued with this process and to date she has had no traces of eczema. I still do not use any soaps or shampoos. Even a warm moist Rooibos Tea Bag on the Eczema area will releive the itching. There is only one other thing I use after a bath and this is Johnson's Baby Aqueous Cream (Fragrance Free). The other thing that I noticed when my daughter drinks the tea. if she has a dummy rash this is gone withing a day or so. I hope this helps some of the people who are suffering.