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Ang3l said on 17 January 2010

Hi all I too suffer with terrible chronic sciatica amongst other things. The only help given by the NHS is pain medication (MST - Morphine Sulphate Tablets, and Amitryptyline) the reason for my sciatica is due congenital kyphosis and lower flat back due to another congenital spinal abnormality - (failure of segmentation of the Lumbosacral junction L5-S1) which in laymans terms means that my pelvis is tilted backwards, so whenever sitting I'm sitting on the sciatic nerve, the only relief comes from trying to force my pelvis to tilt forwards,when standing and too stretch my hamstrings as much as humanly possible, but this is very short term, as soon as the muscles are relaxed the pelvis returns to its orignal position and the sciatic nerve is pinched again. The NHS know all this from MRI's and X-rays done after an accident fractured my spine, but instead of treating the cause at a short term high cost, they choose to treat the symptoms (poorly) at a much higher long term cost, thats the problem with the NHS they look to minimise their year to year costs to look good on their financial year end reports, but in the long term the cost is increasingly leading to crippling the NHS, it's not even the Dr's at fault, they are forced into this by beauracratic mid-level managers who only care about the money they can save in the short term, I'm sure that Dr's, Nurses, consultants are frustrated as well by all this. But I guess all we can do as patients is take whatever limited help they try to provide, what a shameful situation. I honestly think that it would be better if we had a private health system like the US, it's not free granted, and medical insurance is a must, but in essence we already pay medical insurance in the form of National Insurance contributions, and look at the service it gets us....!! In the meantime my symapthy go's out to anyone who is sueffering from this condition, and if anyone has any suggestions on ways to help, PLEASE post details here.