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eden01 said on 08 September 2009

I am sorry that jay724 is having such a long wait to see a cardiologist, but I would take this as a positive sign. I am 31 years old, and I went to my doctor thinking i had severe indigestion - he gave me an immediate ECG, which came out 'abnormal'. That day he referred me to a fast access clinic, where I was seen the following week. Precautionary drugs were prescribed, and an angiogram booked for three days time. (Monday, appt - Thurs, angio.) Now I am on combination drugs, and awaiting an angioplasty to fit several stents and open things back up, and hoping to get some quality of life back. Givene the horror stories of young women being ignored or humoured, I never expected to be taken seriously when I first visited my doc. Now, several hospital visits, a trip to A and E, and a few ops later, I am inclined to think that if you are not rushed to a cardiologists, your chance of survival is better than mine was. Maybe it is not urgent, in which case, although it's scary, I would smile and be pleased your doctor does not think you are about to have a heart attack.