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Alan Henness said on 17 February 2013

Part 2 of 2 They got round this by temporarily allowing homeopathy into the scheme (for a second time). This temporary reprieve ends in 2017 unless homeopaths can come up with good scientific evidence for the effectiveness of homeopathy by 2015. However, User748847 argues for homeopathy to be included in the NHS because it is cheap. It may well be cheap - it is just sugar that has been subjected to a simple ritual after all - but since it has not proven its efficacy, it would be thoroughly unethical to make it available on the NHS or to sell it as if it was a 'medicine'. [5] The fact that other countries make homeopathy available does not change the state of the evidence for the efficacy of homeopathy. Alan Henness Director The Nightingale Collaboration References 1 Gurtner, F. 2012. “The Report ‘Homeopathy in Healthcare: Effectiveness, Appropriateness, Safety, Costs’ Is Not a ‘Swiss Report’.” Swiss Medical Weekly (December 17). doi:10.4414/smw.2012.13723. 2 “A Critique of the Swiss Report Homeopathy in Healthcare - Ernst - 2012 - Focus on Alternative and Complementary Therapies - Wiley Online Library.” 2012. Accessed June 2. 3 “That ‘neutral’ Swiss Homeopathy Report | Zeno’s Blog.” 2013. Accessed January 29. 4 Bornhöft, Gudrun, Peter F Matthiessen, and SpringerLink (Online service). 2011. Homeopathy in healthcare -- Effectiveness, appropriateness, safety, costs an HTA report on homeopathy as part of the Swiss Complementary Medicine Evaluation Programme. Berlin: Springer. 5 “Is Homeopathy Value for Money? | Edzard Ernst.” 2013. Accessed February 17.