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David Colquhoun said on 16 February 2013

Please don't blame NHS Choices for this appallingly bland and misleading post. It is not what they wrote themselves. All I need to do is quite the opinion of the editor of the original re-written page, David Mattin “In causing NHS Choices to publish content that is less than completely frank about the evidence on homeopathy, the DH have compromised the editorial standards of a website that they themselves established”. . . and “. . . they have failed the general public, by putting special interests, politics, and the path of least resistance (as they saw it) before the truth about health and healthcare.” The story of how it came about can be read on my blog, at The original version of the re-written page, before it was messed about by the Department of Health and the Prince's Foundation, can be downloaded there too, It is a great deal better than the version than the version here.