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User748847 said on 15 February 2013

In fact, there is a great deal of evidence showing that homeopathy has biological effects and produces significant to substantial health benefits. There are 200 studies published in 102 respected, national and international peer-reviewed journals showing that homeopathy works well beyond placebo. For example, a recent study done by M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Texas University, under the auspices of the U.S. NIH, shows that four homeopathics kill breast cancer cell lines. It is the second study done there showing that homeopathics kill cancer cells without damaging other cells or impacting the person's immune system. Another study on rheumatoid arthritis shows that 81% of participants who were given homeopathy were helped by it as compared to 21% who were helped by placebo. The Swiss Health Technology Assessment analyzed all of the literature on homeopathy and concluded that it is as effective as conventional medicine and also far safer. A second study showed that homeopathy is 15.4% less expensive than con med. Although at this point in time, the mechanism of action is unknown, research has identified several possibilities. In fact, doctors prescribed and patients used aspirin with good effect for years before we understood the mechanism of action.