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peepya said on 06 January 2013

I suffered from the Norovirus at the begining of December 2012. I was hit by all of the symptoms that have been mentioned by those who have made comments, It was very unpleasant but as a normally healthy 56 year old it took almost 2 weeks before I could admit to feeling 100% better. On the 4th of January 2013 I was struck down again by this virus. The same symptoms except much more nausea. I am still in bed and have to be ery close to a toilet. Again, I cannot eat and am sipping water as often as I can. I have a constant headache and pain in my lower back. I have searched a number of sites which have stated anything from 2months to 8 months immunity. The NHS site only a few days ago stated 8 months. Now it is saying it's 'ok to have it again' Oh no it's not! I am meant to be going back to work tomorrow but in all honesty doubt I can and do not want to pass this onto staff and students. Can we have an idea from those in the know just how often this virus can be caught and is their any immunity from it. Despite being almost OCD about handwashing after my initial bout I caught it again and doubt I could cope with a third 'hit'. Can I also mention the lady who wrote about caring for her mother who has contracted the virus. My own mother contracted this in a care home 3 years ago and I am aware of the great challenges it brings. She too had dementia. I hope that the NHS are aware of the difficulty there must be for any carers out there having to deal with their charges suffering from Norovirus and that adequate help is given. Those of us who are bemoaning our fate should take time to think of carers coping with the vunerable with this nasty virus.