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FBimble said on 04 January 2013

I started getting a headache yesterday that felt like my head was going to explode. I ate dinner and then about an hour later, the headache was so painful I tried to drink a bottle of water and after about 20 minutes, I felt bloated and got up and went to the toilet and threw everything up. It went on for a long time until there was nothing left. I was burning up before vomiting but then after I felt like I was sitting in a refrigerator and had to turn the heat on. I had goosebumps on my arms where just before I was sweating! I couldn't drink any water because the taste made me sick so I sipped flat cola all night and stayed in bed. I got up today and still couldn't drink water so had flat cola with ice again. I've just had a plate of very salty chips so we'll see what happens. So far, I'm not hearing the gurgling I had yesterday and I only felt chilled once today. I went down to the shop at the end of my road and had to run out because the smell of some guy's cheap aftershave made me almost throw up. I too must add that those who think they're being great by going into work whilst sick - any sickness - just don't do it. Your co-workers will be irritated and your boss needs a telling off if he/she can't accept that people get sick sometimes. It's life and the body will heal faster if allowed to rest completely with little stimulation rather than using what little strength one has to do a job. Better to be one person staying home than have a virus spread to an entire staff. Also, thanks to one of the posts here who mentioned they had nightmares with a fever. I didn't realise a fever could make you feel like you need to cry for no reason and also to have nightmares. I'll remember that. Spoke too soon about the chips. My belly is starting to gurgle and cramp so looks like that's my weekend sorted then. Someone said 'I woudn't try to pass wind.' I'd like to add: 'I wouldn't try to belch either' because neither of those are going to end good.