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laura gabriel said on 01 January 2013

My partner and I (34 and 29 respectively) both had the virus over Christmas so I thought I'd post up my experiences of what helped in case it helps you: LOTS of ice in the freezer - I wanted all my fluids super cold and when rice milk was all that was in the house I put it in the freezer to chill it (water made me more nauseous) but stocking up on the fluids you can tolerate is really important because you'll get very dehydrated. I had 12 hours constant simultaneous vomit etc then 12 hours intermittent then flu and a fever (cue panic attacks and hysterical crying for 12 hours. Sleeping was easier propped on the sofa lying against the arm rest to keep my head above my guts - I found this stopped the sicking a bit; also lying low on the sofa and hooking your leg over the back provides good relief for me and when I got my partner to do it he found it worked for him too! Virtually any entertainment gave me panic attacks for the first 3 days and my partner talking made me vomit(!) but I found David Attenborough documentaries were completely tolerable and stopped me going mad through lack of distraction - another friend with the virus found this too, that she could only handle David Attenborough! So stock up if you can or watch online!! Main thing really is to get someone to buy you all the kinds of fluids you think you can bear to take and keep drinking even if it makes you sick - I drank tons and still had 3 days of kidney pains! Not fun! cntd in another post as I've run out of space. . .