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rebeccarobertz said on 27 December 2012

Had this for 27 hours now. Worst pain ever. Unlike others i have not experienced diarrhea. It started about 8pm last night, felt very tired and uncomfortable so i decided to take a nap. Woke up at about 23:30 and knew something was wrong. It felt like i was going to be sick but i couldn't get it out, i stayed in the bathroom for about 1 hour hoping to be sick as my stomach was killing me. i climbed back to bed and awoke 5 times last night, hoping to be sick! Then this morning i couldnt take it any longer and forced myself to be sick, i felt better for about 1 hour and the pain has started all over again, im not going to make myself sick again but im hoping the bug will go away soon. I also suffered high temperatures so had too walk around with a wet flannel on my head and took 2 anadins for the headaches i was getting. I got my appetite back a little earlier and had some toast, unfortunately that didnt reach my stomach. All im happy about is that it came after christmas, i still got to have a big fat turkey dinner! but have been driven to tears by this bug and hoping i will get some sleep tonight. My advice is take some anadin and try to eat, even if its soup. I'm sleeping with my windows open tonight to cool me down. Hoping it goes soon, its the worst bug iv ever had.